taping boxes

The best tape for packing boxes

Choosing the wrong kind of tape for your move could result in calamity. It’s as important as strong boxes and packing materials are to any relocation. Tape failure during transport, storage, or packing may result in significant aggravation, costly breakage, lost time and money, compromised storage, and even bodily harm if a box or plastic …

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lamp in lounge

How to pack lamps for moving

Like packing an office, packing lamps for a move can be a tricky business. They are delicate objects and if not packed correctly, they could be damaged in transit. Here are a few tips on how to pack lamps for moving so that they arrive at your new home safe and sound. Pack your lamps …

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packing a bedroom

How to pack a bedroom for moving

So, you’re moving out of your apartment and into a house. You’ve been dreading this day for months, and now that it’s finally here, you don’t know where to start. In this article, we’ll show you how to pack your bedroom for moving without any stress or hassle. Many people struggle to pack their bedrooms …

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storage lock

What to look for in a storage lock

Few people understand what to look for in a storage lock. Self-storage theft isn’t something that happens every day, after all. For most people, securing their belongings revolves around locating a facility they believe they can rely on. Once that’s done, they’re content to slap a R100 padlock on their storage locker and go about their …

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white stilettos

How to pack shoes for moving

Our shoes are among our most trusted and treasured possessions. Sacred, one might say. When they’re not keeping our feet warm and safe, they’re framing them just right for special occasions. The chaos of moving makes it tough to keep your shoes in shape, while a heap of ruined shoes is a universal nightmare. Luckily, …

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packing luggage

How to pack without boxes

There is no arguing that moving can be a stressful process. In addition, moving always seems to cost more than you think. There are expenses you don’t anticipate and packing materials are an example of this. How can we save our coin while ensuring the full protection of household items and personal belongings during a …

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abstract artwork

How to pack artwork for moving

It’s finally time for the big move. You’re feeling excited, a little nostalgic, and a teeny bit scared. You go through the checklists in between calming breaths and come across your artwork. Your beautiful, precious artworks that have lit up all the rooms they’ve graced. But how do you pack them to ensure that they’re …

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decofurn buyers guide

Decofurn Buyers Guide (2022)

Decofurn is a furniture store with locations all across South Africa. They are particularly popular with consumers for their affordable prices on couches, beds, coffee tables and tv stands. Next time you’re looking for furniture, be sure to consider buying Decofurn furniture. What makes Decofurn special? They operate a factory shop model. This means that …

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storage boxes

Storage Box Buyers Guide (2022)

A good storage box is possibly the most important thing to have when you put your belongings away in storage. You can’t just throw everything into a storage unit. Instead, you need to keep them organised and protected in storage boxes.  Don’t just grab any old box and think this will work. You want to …

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storing a mattress

How to store a mattress

Knowing how to store a mattress the right way is something so many people get wrong. If you don’t do it properly, your mattress can lose its shape, get permanently damaged, attract mould, and become seriously uncomfortable. Mattresses are expensive, so nobody wants to replace them after unpacking their storage unit. Whether you have a regular …

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three batteries

How to store batteries

So many of our appliances rely on batteries, and we need to take them into account when packing things away in storage. Before you just throw all of your batteries into a box and store them away, think again. If not stored correctly, batteries can corrode, leak acid, lose their charge, and cause lasting damage …

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reading a book

How to store books correctly

Books are highly sentimental items. If you love reading, then your book collection is likely one of the most treasured things in your house. But if you start to gather too many books, or need to move them into storage for any reason, you want to make sure that your books are safely packed away.  …

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searching for vinyl

How to store vinyl records

Vinyl record owners treasure their collections greatly. If you love your vinyl, you know how painful it is to have one of your prized records damaged. Vinyl records are incredibly sensitive, so when you have to store them away for the long term, you need to make sure that they’re properly protected.  One of the …

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smeg fridges

How to store a fridge

If you’re moving your belongings into a storage unit, then you’re probably going to have to store a fridge. Refrigerators are one of the most common things that people move into storage units. They are also one of the most valuable appliances that people own, so they need to be stored properly to avoid damage. …

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Personal storage unit

How to pack a storage unit

If you’re moving items into a storage unit, then you need to pack wisely. Taking a well thought out approach allows you to keep all of your belongings safe while maximising the space of your unit.  Stuffing everything into your storage unit can lead to all kinds of difficulties and problems in the future. To make …

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packing clothes

How to pack items for storage

Whether you’re moving to a new city, transitioning between homes, or just want to declutter your house, you will probably find yourself facing a storage unit. Knowing how to pack items for storage is really important, and so many people get this wrong.  You want to make sure that everything you pack is safe, well-organised, …

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