How to pack a bathroom before moving

The bathroom is the most frequented room in the house, and it will undoubtedly still be in use come moving day. So, where do you begin packing without having to hop in and out of the shower because you forgot your shower gel and sponge in a box? Below we will outline a few steps for you to make the packing stage easier, and how to efficiently pack the bathroom before moving

1. Organize it

When it comes to packing the bathroom for your upcoming move, sometimes less is more. You do not need to take everything with you. And if you do, then considering self storage in the interim may be a feasible option. Before you worry and ask, “What do you mean I do not have to take everything with me!”, we have you covered. Let’s begin with step one: organising all your items.

This step involves organising all your bathroom essential items and not-so-essential items. This way you will also know what you are dealing with. You might also find some items forgotten at the back of your cupboard. 

Using categories to organise your items will help, here are a few examples of common categories that you can start with – feel free to include your own if it is not on the list. A tip: use colour-coded stickers or sticky notes for each category. 

Examples include toiletries, cosmetics, medicinal items, various appliances like hair dryers or electric shavers, towels and bathroom linen, larger laundry items like wash baskets, decorative items like plants or mounted picture frames, cleaning detergents, and save a space for miscellaneous items. 

packing a bathroom

2. Bin it

This step is where you apply “less is more”. Bin anything you no longer need. If you have old, unused, or empty items throw it away if it won’t serve a purpose in your new bathroom. If you have toiletries that are almost empty, try using these before moving.

It can be a difficult process to decide what to keep and what to throw away, but it is worth repeating: throw it away if it won’t serve a purpose in your new bathroom. This will also make moving easier, and you will have less packing to do. Think of it as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning. You can also donate items that are still usable. 

To make this process easier, consider these questions: Do you have expired items like toiletries, medicines, or make-up? Do you have any broken items or appliances that you may have forgotten about? Do you have tattered or torn towels that could do with an upgrade? Do you have old cleaning items that needs sanitizing or replacing? 

3. Pack it

Now that you have less items than what you started with, it’s time to pack everything. A useful tip is to have all the necessary packing equipment handy. This includes boxes, tape, padding like bubble wrap, old towels or newspaper, scissors or a knife, and a marking pen. There will be different packing methods for different items. 

For more delicate items always write on the box, “HANDLE WITH CARE” or “THIS SIDE UP”. Furthermore, always mark on each box what its contents are. For bottles and liquids, always seal these in a Ziplock or waterproof bag in case they spill open. 

modern bathroom

Appliances can be kept in their boxes, otherwise wrap these in bubble wrap, or another padding, and pack them in a small or medium box. For items like mirrors, you can place a protective covering over it like a piece of cardboard with a thick towel over and wrapped tightly in plastic. 

For most of your items it will help to pack them with minimal spaces in between so that they are sturdy inside the box and won’t fall over and knock against other items. 

It is important to determine how you will move cleaning products as some are prohibited for moving if you hire a moving company. Always err on the side of caution with cleaning items. Your best move will be to rather buy new items once you are in your new home. 

4. Move it! 

Your last step before you move into your new home, and our last tip. Always keep an “essential toiletries bag” handy.

This will include all the toiletries you use daily, including a bag for your laundry and towels. When you pack this bag ask yourself what you will need once everything is packed away. Now all you need to do is get moving and enjoy your new home!