How to pack a storage unit

If you’re moving items into a storage unit, then you need to pack wisely. Taking a well thought out approach allows you to keep all of your belongings safe while maximising the space of your unit. 

Stuffing everything into your storage unit can lead to all kinds of difficulties and problems in the future. To make sure you get the most from your storage unit, here are some important processes to remember when you pack.

packing a storage unit

Preparing your storage unit

Before moving into your storage unit, you need to make sure that the unit is ready to be packed. Here are a few important things to do in preparation.

Make sure you have enough space

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to start packing your belongings away, only to realise that your storage unit is too small. Before you proceed with packing, make sure that you know exactly how many items you will be packing, and how much space this will require.

Check climate control

Having climate-controlled storage units will make a big difference to how you end up packing it. If your unit is climate controlled, then you will have less risk of things like mould and mildew. If it is not climate controlled, then packing away valuable and sensitive items, like clothing and electronics, will require extra care.

Clean the storage unit

Double-check that the storage unit is completely clean before moving any of your items in. Any mess will only get worse over time and spread to your stored belongings. 

Prepare the unit

Inspect your storage unit for any leaks, cracks, or possible dangers. If using cardboard boxes, lay down a tarp or wooden pallets on the ground to protect against pests or flooding.

Preparing your belongings to pack

Once your storage unit is ready to be filled, it’s time to make sure your belongings are ready to be packed away.

Take inventory

Make a list of everything you will be packing away into storage and make sure that the list is backed up and safe. This will help you in the event of any possible insurance claims or damage. Make note of serial numbers for expensive items, and mention how you stored each item.

Clean everything

Just like you cleaned your storage unit, make sure to clean everything you will be storing inside it. Any mess will only get worse while it’s in storage. Make sure all clothes are clean, all surfaces are wiped with disinfectant, and that you are bringing in no mould, moisture, or pests.

Pack and label

Pack away all of your items into safe boxes and clearly label them. Plastic storage containers are preferred for better protection and easier stacking.

storage labels

How to organise your storage unit

When it’s time to pack your storage unit, there are many different ways that you can organize it. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Prioritise your items

Go back to your inventory list and mark off the most important items that you might need to access in the near future. The things you know you won’t need should be stored at the back of the unit, and things you might need should be stored in an accessible place. 

Add very descriptive labels

Clearly labelling each box will make it a lot easier to unpack your storage unit and find what you’re looking for. Labels like “bedroom” are not very useful. Rather, be very specific about each item and make sure that all of the same items are stored together. Good examples would be “summer clothes” or “glassware”.

Map out your storage unit

This may sound silly, but creating a map of your storage unit will make it a lot easier to know where everything is and how to pack everything. Having a written storage unit plan before you pack will help you to get everything in the right place straight away. 

How to maximise space in your storage unit

When you’re ready to fill up your storage unit, you will need to make sure that you get the most out of every bit of space you have available. Here are some tactics that will help you maximize your space.

Personal storage unit
Personal storage compartment loaded with transport crates.

Stack up your items

When packing your storage unit, you will be able to get the most out of your space by stacking your boxes on top of each other. This is where easily stackable plastic containers will be helpful. Start by packing your biggest, heaviest items at the bottom and work your way up with your lightest items on the top. 

Disassemble furniture

Try to take apart any furniture wherever possible. This will give you a lot more space, and make it way easier to pack things neatly. Items like drawers and bed frames can often be broken down for a much more convenient storage situation.

Save space with shelving

Temporary shelving solutions can be an excellent way to save space in your storage unit. If you have a lot of small, oddly shaped items, then shelves allow you to easily pack these away without taking up unnecessary space.

Create a pathway

It’s always a good idea to leave a pathway through your storage unit so that you can access all items if you need to. In the event that you do need to reach something at the back of the unit, you will otherwise have to unpack the entire unit first.


Whatever items you’re packing, you will need to make sure that they are well organized in your storage unit. A well-packed unit will make it easier for you to access any stored belongings that you may need. You will also need to make the most of your storage space to avoid paying for an additional unit.

Of course, your items also need to be safely packed away so that they don’t get damaged while in storage. Follow the tips above and you will end up with a perfectly organised storage unit. This will make your life a lot easier!