How to store a mattress

Knowing how to store a mattress the right way is something so many people get wrong. If you don’t do it properly, your mattress can lose its shape, get permanently damaged, attract mould, and become seriously uncomfortable.

Mattresses are expensive, so nobody wants to replace them after unpacking their storage unit. Whether you have a regular spring mattress or a memory foam mattress, follow these tips to store it safely.

1. Store your mattress flat

When learning how to store a mattress, by far the most important thing is to store the mattress flat. This is also the thing that most people get wrong. The idea is to mimic the way the mattress would lie on a bed, keeping the mattress on as flat a surface as possible. 

Loads of people will slide their mattress into storage on its side. If you do this, the coils and padding in the mattress can settle, leaving the mattress misshapen forever. This also applies to foam memory mattresses. Long-term storage on its side will cause the mattress to lose its shape. Gravity is not your friend here.

So the best solution is to store the mattress flat as if it were still on your bed. Yes, this might seem like a bit of a space waster, but it’s the only guaranteed way to keep your mattress in perfect condition.

mattress on bed

2. Don’t store your mattress on the floor

When storing your mattress flat, the first thing you probably think of is laying it on the ground. Don’t do this. It will waste precious space, and put the mattress at risk if there is flooding. 

Rather try to store the mattress higher up in your unit, on top of flat items like a table or storage containers. You can even store it on your bed just like it would normally be positioned.

3. Don’t place anything on your mattress

It can be tempting to stack up boxes on top of your mattress, but this will cause more damage than it’s worth. If anything is weighing down on your mattress while it’s in storage, it will cause permanent damage. 

4. Cover the mattress before you store it

Like storing books, properly covering your mattress is essential if you want to keep it in top shape. To do this, you can either use a special plastic mattress cover (recommended) or just wrap it completely in plastic sheeting. 

Doing this will prevent dust from settling into the mattress fibres. No matter how clean and sealed off your storage unit is, this can happen. Plastic mattress covers also protect the mattress against things like pests, moisture, and the risk of mould or mildew seeping into the mattress. 

Make sure that the mattress is completely dry when you cover it in plastic. It’s also important to cover it before you move, and not just when you get to the storage facility. 

mattress cover

5. Store the mattress at the right temperature

If the mattress is kept in a humid environment, there is a serious risk of mould seeping in and damaging the mattress for good. Ideally, you want to store the mattress at a constant relative humidity above 50%. Looking for a climate-controlled storage unit is a good idea for long term storage.

Keeping the perfect air temperature and humidity levels aren’t only helpful for your mattress, but this will keep all of your other belongings in great condition too. 

6. Move your mattress properly

You’ve also got to think about how you’re going to get the mattress to the storage facility. A lot of people will just strap the mattress to the roof of their car.

This is a bad idea. Besides the risk of the mattress flying off across the highway, tightly fastening the mattress down can also leave long-term damage to the coils and padding. Try to use a storage truck with a flat bed that you can lay the mattress down on. Ideally, this should be covered.

storing a mattress

7. Let the mattress breathe after storage

When you do finally take the mattress out of storage, unwrap it and let it breathe for some time before you move it inside. Letting the mattress air out will remove any odours from the plastic or storage unit, and ensure it’s in a perfect state for you to sleep on.


Knowing how to store a mattress is easy. You just need to keep it flat and protect it from mould and mildew. Follow the steps above, and your mattress will be in perfect condition when you pull it out of storage.