Storage Box Buyers Guide

A good storage box is possibly the most important thing to have when you put your belongings away in storage. You can’t just throw everything into a storage unit. Instead, you need to keep them organised and protected in storage boxes. 

Don’t just grab any old box and think this will work. You want to make sure that all of your items in storage stay in perfect condition, and you’ll need the right storage box to do this. Storage boxes are also necessary for making packing and moving easier, saving space, and for keeping your different items properly organised. 

Follow this guide for everything you need to know about storage boxes, and how to find the right storage box for your situation.

storage box buyers guide

What is a storage box?

A storage box is a container that has been designed to hold items during long-term storage. These boxes are essential for anyone putting their items into self storage. The boxes protect your belongings, they keep storage units organised, and they make packing and unpacking a lot easier. With the right boxes for storage, you’ll also be able to maximize your space.

A storage container isn’t just a cardboard box that you use for moving. Instead, they are stronger containers, usually with lids, that offer complete protection. Something that makes storage containers unique is that they have flat sides and a flat top for easy stacking. You don’t waste any valuable space this way.

There are all kinds of different storage boxes available. Big plastic storage containers are most common, but you can also get boxes made from different materials, in different sizes, and with different features. 

If you’re planning on moving your belongings into storage, then you should use proper storage containers designed for the job. They will save you space, save you time packing, and keep all of your belongings in good condition.

The different types of storage boxes

There are three main types of storage boxes that you can choose from based on their materials. We are not including cardboard storage boxes as these are not durable enough for long-term storage, and don’t offer the same level of protection as other types of storage boxes. 

Plastic storage boxes

Plastic storage containers are the most common. Most people use plastic containers for storage because these containers are relatively cheap, easy to find, and they just work really well.

A plastic storage box with a lid can be stacked up to save valuable floor space. This is really important for small storage units, but it’s also helpful for storage at home.

Plastic acrylic storage containers are seriously durable and won’t tear. This means they can be used for even the heaviest items. A plastic storage box will also keep out water, mould and mildew, dust, pests, and just about anything else. 

Another advantage of plastic is that you can get clear storage boxes. A clear plastic storage box makes it easy to see exactly where all of your belongings are in storage if you need to take something out. This makes organising your items a lot easier.

You can get large plastic storage containers, small storage containers, and plastic boxes in all kinds of shapes to match your space and items.

plastic storage boxes

Metal storage boxes

Metal storage boxes give you the greatest level of durability. If you have very heavy items to put in storage, or you need the best possible protection, then you can use steel boxes for storage. 

The main advantage of a metal storage box is that they are incredibly strong, and will protect your items from just about anything. If there’s a fire, flooding, or even if the roof of your storage unit collapses – your metal storage box could still protect whatever is inside. These boxes also have lids and are easy to stack for saving space. 

The downsides to a metal storage box are that they are expensive and heavy to move. You probably won’t buy metal storage boxes for all of your household items, but they are a good choice for anything that is particularly heavy or particularly precious. Metal boxes are also good for things like tools and that could damage plastic containers.

metal storage unit

Wood storage box

A wooden storage box is a good option for keeping your space organised. A wood storage box is stronger than a plastic storage container and can hold heavier items. They’re also better looking in case you want to use them in your home. 

Wooden storage boxes can also stack up neatly on top of each other for space-saving. You can get big wooden storage boxes with lids, or wooden boxes without lids (crates). Both are good options, but the exposed boxes won’t offer complete protection for your belongings.

Although a wooden storage box is incredibly strong, it doesn’t necessarily provide as much protection as a plastic or metal storage box. This is because wooden boxes often aren’t properly waterproof, and they could have gaps between the pieces of wood. There is also the chance that wooden boxes will attract certain pests.


Storage box features to look for

Finding the right storage box isn’t as easy as you might think. You need to carefully consider the different features in the box to make sure that it fits your items, saves enough space, and offers the right level of protection. Here are some of the main features to look out for when buying a storage box. 


Some storage boxes with lids are able to lock to keep your items safe from any intruders. This is most commonly seen on metal or wooden storage boxes, although some plastic containers can lock. 

A lockable storage box is a smart choice for keeping your valuables. If you’re not sure about how safe your storage unit is, then this could be an important feature. If your unit is completely secured and locked, you probably won’t need to get a lockable storage box for all of your items.

Collapsible storage box

A collapsible storage box is a great choice if you just plan on using the boxes for moving and storage. A foldable storage box will save loads of space once everything is out of storage, making it way easier to keep all of your boxes for when you’ll need them again. 

Collapsible boxes are generally plastic, and they can often be rented from movers. If you plan on using the storage boxes in your home, then you don’t need them to be collapsible. 

Clear storage boxes

Clear storage containers are always a great idea. These plastic storage boxes allow you to know exactly what is in each box and where you placed them. This makes it easy to keep your storage unit organised and to find any items that you need to take out of storage.

You can also use clear containers to check up on your items in storage and make sure that they’re being kept safe. Some people prefer solid coloured storage boxes because they often look neater and are more private. Clear storage containers are incredibly convenient though.

clear storage boxes


Storage boxes can be completely sealed and airtight. This is generally a good idea for most things that you keep in storage. With airtight storage containers, you’ll get a lot more protection against things like dust, moisture, or pests. 

As long as everything you put into the boxes are dry and clean, they should be in the exact same condition when you take them out. 

Airtight storage boxes are generally made from plastic. They can stack up on top of each other, and offer an excellent level of protection for your belongings. Just be aware that some items actually do better with some airflow while in storage, so an airtight storage box isn’t always the best solution.

Where can you buy a storage box?

Storage boxes are generally pretty easy to find. Any large plastics retailer should sell a range of plastic boxes that are ideal for storage. You can find plastic, wooden, and even metal storage containers in many large department and warehouse stores. Finding a small storage box in these shops is usually quite easy.

The other option is to buy storage boxes from moving and storage companies. Most movers sell cardboard boxes, but there are some companies that also sell plastic storage boxes. 

An easy option is to just search for storage boxes online. There are plenty of online retailers that sell storage boxes in all kinds of sizes, materials, and specifications. 


A storage box may be a simple thing, but it will make a massive difference to the way you move and keep your belongings. With the right storage box, you’ll be able to maximise space, make moving a lot easier, keep your storage unit organised, and protect all of your valuable items

There are various storage box options out there, each with its own benefits. It’s a good idea to first understand exactly what it is you will be storing, think about where you will be storing this, and then get storage boxes that match your situation.