Cape Town storage

As South Africa’s second largest city, there are a plethora of storage units in Cape Town. They can be found both in the city centre and in the surrounding suburbs. Have a look at our self storage size guide to get an idea of the storage unit which will best suit your needs.

Cape Town storage units vary in price depending on the size of the unit, the location of the storage facility as well as extra amenities. These can include but are not limited to; climate control, 24 hour access, drive-up access and 24 hour video surveillance. Cape Town also has a wide variety of vehicle storage options, from a small car storage through to large trucks.

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Below are some of the most popular areas for self storage in and around Cape Town. Learn more about storage options in these areas.

Types of storage

There are various types of storage that most people use. Read on to find out the most common types of storage in South Africa.

Self storage

If you’re moving homes or have simply run out of storage space where you live, self storage is the perfect solution. No need to sell any of your possessions. Simply load your goods onto a trailer and drive them to a storage unit where they’ll be safe and easily accessible.

Student storage

Whether you’re moving out of your parents home into a university residence or moving into an apartment after graduating. These are both common instances when students require self storage. Save yourself the hassle of asking friends to store your stuff and rent a storage unit instead.

Business storage

Companies of all shapes and sizes will require storage from time to time. It could be a small company that’s grown so fast it longer fits into its existing office space. Or it could simply be a company looking to store valuable documents whilst they move to a new office. Whichever company you are, we’ve got you covered here StorageBuddy.

Car storage

Sometimes people end up with a car they don’t have space for at home. This could be a classic car they’ve bought to use on special occasions or a car that is no longer operational and needs some work to get it up and running again. Car storage is the perfect interim solution for these use cases.

Boat storage

Seems a little odd doesn’t it? Surely boats would get stored at a marina? Well, in many cases not. Mooring costs in marina’s are notoriously high, and so for boat owners who use their boats only a few times a year, storing it at a facility on land is far more cost effective.

Caravan storage

Caravans take up a lot of space and most of the time get used sporadically. Many caravan owners just don’t have the space to keep their caravans at home. So when they’re not being used for an epic road trip or camping experience, they can often be found in caravan storage units.