vehicle storage

Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage refers to the practice of keeping a vehicle in a secure location for a period of time. This can include short-term storage, such as for a vacation, or long-term storage, such as for a deployment or extended period of inactivity.

The vehicle may be stored indoors in a garage or storage facility, or outdoors in a parking lot or other designated area. There are many factors to consider when storing a vehicle, including security, climate control, and accessibility.

Types of vehicle storage

There are three main types of vehicle storage which you’ll find below.

What to consider when storing a vehicle

There are several important factors to consider before making a choice on vehicle storage.


The vehicle should be stored in a secure location where it is less likely to be stolen or vandalised. This may include a garage or a fenced, gated, and well-lit storage facility.

Climate control

If the vehicle will be stored for an extended period of time, it may be important to consider the effects of temperature and humidity on the vehicle. Cars that are stored in a climate-controlled environment are less likely to suffer from corrosion, rust, or mold.


The vehicle should be stored in a location that is easily accessible, so that it can be retrieved quickly and easily. This may include a location that is close to the owner’s home or work.


Vehicles should be stored in a location that is protected from potential damage from weather, falling objects, and other hazards.


Check if your insurance covers the storage period, some insurance policies do not cover for storage period.

car in storage


Consider any maintenance that may be required before storing your vehicle. This may include changing the oil, topping off the fluids, and checking the tire pressure.


Disconnecting the battery or keeping a battery maintainer can prevent the battery from dying during the storage period.


Covering the vehicle with a car cover can help protect the paint, interior and other parts of the vehicle from dust, dirt, and other contaminants.