How to pack your bedding for a move

Moving is always a hassle, but it can be especially difficult when you have to pack up all your bedding. If you follow these simple tips, however, you’ll be able to get it done quickly and efficiently.

1. Pack your bed sheets and blankets first

When packing your bedding for a move, it’s always a good idea to start with the sheets and blankets. This will free up some space in the truck and make it easier to maneuver. Fold your sheets and blankets and place them in a large box or suitcase. We recommend ironing your sheets before folding and packing them so that when you unpack them on the other side they won’t be crinkled.

2. Packing your duvet

When folding a duvet, start by folding it in half width-wise. Next, fold it in half again length-wise. Then, tuck the two short ends into the centre crease. Finally, fold the comforter in half once more to create a rectangular shape. This will make it easier to store and transport. If you’re trying to economise on storage space then using a vacuum bag for your duvet is a good option.

storing a mattress

3. Fold your pillows in half

Pillows can be a bit tricky to pack, but if you fold them in half and tuck them into the comforter, they’ll stay in place. Make sure to pack them securely so they don’t shift during the move.

If you have a lot of pillows another clever way to pack them is to place them in vacuum bags. This method will help save a ton of space.

4. Packing the mattress

There is no easy way to pack mattress. Remove it from the bed and lay it on its side against the wall in your bedroom. When it’s time to move be sure to have at least 3 people carrying the mattress out to the moving truck.

In summary

Moving, in general, can be laborious, and packing up ones bedding is only one small element of making a successful move. By following the tips outlined above we’re confident that you’ll be well placed for a successful move.